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Studlagil Canyon

Stuðlagil Canyon

In the valley Jökuldalur (Glacier Valley) in East Iceland there is a marvellous natural site that almost nobody knew about until recently. For a long time it was hidden under water or until the hydroelectric plant Kárahnjúkavirkjun was built and the waterflow in the glacier river Jökulsá á Dal, a.k.a. Jökla, was extremely reduced. This marvel is the part of Jökla's canyon which is called Stuðlagil Canyon. Stuðlagil Canyon has one of the biggest and most beautiful basalt columns formation in Iceland.

There are two options to access Stuðlagil Canyon. To access the canyon from the west site you turn south on the Ring Road nr. 1 to road nr. 923. Then you drive about 19 kilometers to the farm Grund where you will find a parking lot and a path to riverbank (the walk is about 250 meters, or 5 minutes). There is a good view down to the canyon and the diverse columns look spectacular. Bear in mind that even though the walk is short caution is needed because the path is partly very steep.

To get into the canyon, and down to the river, you have to access it from the east site. Then you drive to the bridge by the farm Klaustursel, also be road nr. 923 about 14 kilometers from the Ring Road nr. 1. Bear in mind that you are requested to park your car on the parking lot on the north site of the bridge. From there you cross the bridge on foot and take on a hike by a track (approx. 5 kilometers) to a place where you can get down into the canyon. You will need to be careful because the rocks and stones can be very slippery. On the way, about 2 kilometers from the bridge, there is a impressive waterfall called Stuðlafoss. All in all this hike is just over 10 kilometers and could take about 3 hours, when including stops by the waterfall and Stuðlagil Canyon.

It is important to keep in mind, either way you choose, that that the nature in this area is delicate. Stuðlagil Canyon is a new destination and the traffic is steadily increasing but construction of facilities has just started. Visitors are therefor encouraged to be respectful to the enviroment and be tidy. In the period from May 1st - June 10th flocks of pink-footed geese breed and lay eggs along the gorge. During that time visitors are requested to keep to the marked paths and to not interupt the birds.

Studlagil Canyon
GPS Points N65° 9' 50.030" W15° 18' 22.159"
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