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Established in 1947 by governmental decree, Egilsstaðir, one of Iceland´s youngest townships- has become the service and trade centre for most of East Iceland.Thus, Egilsstaðir has a large number of retail and service businesses, and many major Icelandic companies have branches there; engineering firms and financial institutions. Public services include the largest Upper Secondary school in East Iceland as well as the continuing and university education opportunities offered through the East Iceland Knowledge Network.

The municipality provides for various sports- and social facilities, i.e. four sports halls and a fully-equipped thermal outdoor swimming pool. Jointly the villages of Egilsstaðir and Fellabær serve East Iceland, not only as a centre for services but also for transportation, especially via Egilsstaðir Airport. Over the years regional air traffic has known new dimensions with domestic flights at times being supplemented by international air connections. Scheduled bus connections link the airport to main villages ranging from Breiðdalsvík in the south to Borgarfjörður Eystri in the north. There are scheduled busses all year round between Akureyri in North Iceland and Egilsstaðir (Info Centre). Fljótsdalshérað assures free shuttle service within the municipalities of Egilsstaðir and Fellabær. Convenient location at busy crossroads and next door to international ferry harbour Seyðisfjörður further enriches the local atmosphere and adds versatility and colours to everyday life in Eastland busiest town.

GPS Points N65° 16' 17.650" W14° 23' 36.758"
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Lingua / Norðan Jökuls
Tour Operators
  • Dalskógar 12
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 471-2190
Tour Operators
  • Kaupvangur 2
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 580-7908
Sæti hópferðir
Tour Operators
  • Dalbrún 12
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 867-0528
Fljótsdalshérað Public Libary
Libraries & Archives
  • Laufskógar 1
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 470-0745
Egilsstaðir Swimming pool
Swimming Pools
  • Tjarnarbraut 26
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 470-0777
Sagatrails of East Iceland
Saga & Heritage
  • Sunnufelli 4
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
KvikLand ehf.
Tour Operators
  • Einbúablá 20
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 891-7517, 869-3904
Austurland Archive
  • Laufskógar 1
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 471-1417
Egilsstaðir Visitor Center
Visitor Centres
  • Kaupvangur 17
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 470-0750


Guesthouse Ormurinn
  • Fagradalsbraut 9
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 471-2004, 852-1004


N1 Restutant-Café
  • Egilsstaðir
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 470 1235
  • Miðvangur 13
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 477-2777
Kaffi Egilsstaðir
  • Kaupvangi 17
  • 700 Egilsstaðir
  • 470-0200

Selskógur the small forest on the eastern outskirts of Egilsstaðir, mainly consists of birch but also numerous rowans. Inviting woodchip trails of various lengths lure the wanderer to stroll through the peaceful surroundings. A football field and a playground are among other recreational options in the area.

History and Culture

Gálgaás is an old execution place in Egilsstaðir.The cliff Gálgaás, just east of Egilsstaðir Church, may seem unimposing, yet it has been the location of many a lugubrious destiny in centuries past. The most renowned person to loose his life at Gálgaás was a farmer named Valtýr, living at Eyjólfsstaðir some 10 km. southwards. He was hanged in the wake of being tried for theft and murder; accusations which he steadfastly denied. Fourteen years later, the real murderer was unmasked by mere chance - also named Valtýr und suffered the same fate as his innocent namesake. Both skeletons were left lying below the cliff, which now bears a bronze plate commemorating these events.


Drive the gravel road up to Fjallssel farm and to the highest spot south-west of Hafrafell. Walk from the sign by the road towards the antennas on Hrafnafell where you can find the cylinder with the visitors' log and stamp. Do walk on to Hafrafellsrétt livestock pen (N65°18.02-W14°29.23) which is man-made of rocks and stones, between cliffs slightly to the east of the trail.

It is also very nice to descend east of Hrafnafell and see Kvíahellir cave (N65°18,359-W14°29,063). If you take the circle the walk is 5.8 km long and a red trail.

Part of Hiking Treasures in Egilsstaðir Region

GPS : N65°18,304-W14°29,098

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Among the precious gems of the township Egilsstaðir is the river Eyvindará. Small waterfalls nourising it, as well as the stream´s deep green-blue colour, contribute to its exquisite beauty. The depths render Eyvindará an ideal swimsite during the summer-season, albeit the water is cold. The farm on the river banks traces its roots prior to A.D. 1000. This is the site of the burial mound of saga legend Helgi Droplaugarson, and ruins - commonly believed to be the ruins of his historic abode- is still to be seen. The area is highly popular among the local youths for all kinds of outdoor activities.

History and Culture

Miðhús was among the first guesthouses in the Hérað region. Travellers passed Miðhús on their way to Seyðisfjörður and Eskifjörður. Today Miðhús houses an art gallery and a workshop (operative since 1975) where Icelandic material is used in many diffirent ways.


The scenic Fardagafoss waterfall is situated close to the main road to Seyðisfjörður as it winds its way up the mountainside of Fjardarheiði, about 5 km from Egilsstaðir. The ascent from the parking area to the fall takes about half an hour. Under way you can enjoy the beautiful gorge and views over the whole valley. The last stage of the trail is not an easy walk, a chain is fastened in the cliff to get down to the water, but it´s worth it.

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History and Culture

The Nielsen House was the first private house erected in the village of Egilsstaðir , built in the year 1944 by the danish Oswald Nielsen. Today it houses a nice coffe house and a restaurant, th Café Nielsen.

East Iceland

Towns & Villages

Each town in East Iceland has its own characteristics. In some of the coastal villages the influence of North European neighbours is obvious to everyone. 

The French made a strong impact in Fáskrúðsfjörður where the road signs are made out in French as well as in Icelandic. Norwegian influence is easily detected in the Eskifjörður and Seydisfjörður architecture. No such roots are to be seen in Egilsstadir which is latest addition to East Iceland agglomeration, founded in the late forties of the 20th century.  

Map Vopnafjörður Borgarfjörður Eystri Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður Mjóifjörður Neskaupstaður Breiðdalsvík Eskifjörður Reyðarfjörður Fáskrúðsfjörður Stöðvarfjörður Djúpivogur