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Eskifjörður and its surrounds are a fabulous microcosm of the east, with attractions that neatly sum up the region’s appeal. History and nature work their magic here, and you can investigate towering mountains, nature reserves, deserted black beaches, time-stands-still history, and surprising geology.

As you approach Eskifjörður along Route 92, the road skirts around the base of the majestic mountain Hólmatindur, the pride and joy of the locals. It stands at 985 meters and in its shadow is the Hólmanes nature reserve, home to walking trails that weave between rock formations. East of town is another special reserve, Helgustaðanáma, named for the important quarry where Icelandic spar crystals were once mined.

In town, it’s easy to find evidence of the fishing and trading history of the area. Eskifjörður became an official trading post in 1789 and has been a commercial center ever since. A visit to the Maritime Museum creates context, then a visit to Randulfssjóhús adds personal insight into the era. This is an old seafarers lodge where you can see fishermen quarters unchanged since 1890; today the building cleverly blends maritime exhibitions with local seafood flavors in its restaurant. If the weather is good, here you can rent a boat and fishing rods and take to the fjord waters for your own angling experience.



Walk: among the rock formations at Holmanes, with birds for company and possible sightings of whales offshore.

Taste: be brave and try fermented shark and dried fish at Randulfssjóhús.

Soak: with the locals at the modern swimming pool, with water slides and hot pots to enjoy.

Road-trip: if you have a 4-wheel-drive, take the rough Road 954 east to Vöðlavík, a deserted cove with a black sandy beach wedged between mountains.


GPS Points N65° 4' 16.711" W14° 0' 44.535"
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Rare Stone Collection
  • Lambeyrarbraut 5
  • 735 Eskifjörður
  • 476-1177
Byggðarholt Golf Club
Golf Courses
  • Strandgata 71a
  • 735 Eskifjörður
  • 892-4622

Situated some distance above the highway connecting the villages Reyðarfjörður and Eskifjörður is the burial mound of a prophetess said to be a guardian angel of the area. According to legend, as long as her bones remain intact - and the cairn indicating the site is maintained - the prophetess will continue to fulfill her protective role. Thus, in 1627 as the Algerian pirates who had previously pillaged the South and the Westman Islands, approached the eastern shore, the cunning lady produced a fog so massive that the scoundrels were compelled to take to the sea and abandon their lugubrious plans of manhunt and massacre.

Other attractions
Eskifjörður Golf Course

There has been a golf course in Eskifjörður since 1979 called Byggðarholtsvöllur. It has nine holes and is located south of Eskifjarðará river, within the settlement. The environment is diverse and golfers agree that it is extremely fun.


Hólmatindur is the mountain every inhabitant in Eskifjörður cherishes, towering 985 m. above sea level. It´s not an easy climb to the top but the stunning view is a reward in itself and worth your exertions. Once on the top, the valiant mountaineer can write his /her name in a guestbook, and subsequently, obtain one stamp in a succession of 5 needed in order to get the title Mountain Conqueror. This being an initiative organized by the local hiking club Ferðafélag Fjarðamanna.


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Mjóeyri is a delightful place on the outskirts of Eskifjörður. There are a lighthouse and a delightful shoreline, where birds and sea shells are to be found. For tourists, it is an oasis and a horn of plenty: Guided tours, a boat- rental, angling, good food, and highly agreeable accommodation.
Mjóeyri has a historical past as the last place of execution, on Sept. 30th, 1786. The final resting place of the late convict can be found here.


Oddsskard Oddis a pass between the villages Eskifjörður and Norðfjörður. The year 1949 saw the road construction and between1974-1977 a tunnel was dug to facilitate communication.
Close to the pass you´ll find one of the best ski resorts in Iceland, nicknamed "The Eastern Fjords´ Alps." In the wintertime, these delightful and versatile hills simply call out to skiers to come and enjoy. There are hills to fit the needs of all ages and different capacities.

Here can you find more info: Oddskarð


Helgustaðanáma is an old Icelandic spar mine, located above the trail leading from Eskifjörður til Vödlavík inlet. It is partially open to visitors, and there is an excellent walking path leading up to it.

All removal of the spar is forbidden, and the area is a protected nature reserve.

Scientific discoveries made with the aid of Iceland spar from Iceland directly influenced the development of modern society. Progress since its discovery in the 17th century until 1930 in various important fields of the natural sciences and technology would have been delayed by decades if Iceland spar had not been available at that time. As the sole supplier of first-class spar crystals for scientific purposes, Helgustaðir in Reyðarfjörður may, therefore, be considered the most valuable location in Iceland in an international context.


Towns & Villages

Each town in Austurland has its own characteristics. In some of the coastal villages t, the influence of North European neighbors obvious to everyone. 

The French made a strong impact in Fáskrúðsfjörður where the road signs are made out in French as well as in Icelandic. Norwegian influence is easily detected in the Eskifjörður and Seydisfjörður architecture. No such roots are to be seen in Egilsstadir which is the latest addition to East Iceland agglomeration, founded in the late forties of the 20th century.  

Map Vopnafjörður Borgarfjörður Eystri Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður Mjóifjörður Neskaupstaður Breiðdalsvík Eskifjörður Reyðarfjörður Fáskrúðsfjörður Stöðvarfjörður Djúpivogur