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At over 30km long, Reyðarfjörður is the longest and widest of Iceland's Eastfjords. Norwegians once operated whaling stations along the fjord, and fishing was naturally a part of the area’s history. These days the Alcoa aluminum smelter is the main employer, making this the most industrial pocket of the east. But industry doesn’t mean a lack of beauty – in fact, you may recognize some of Reyðarfjörður’s dramatic natural features if you’ve seen the British TV series Fortitude, which was largely filmed here.

Another UK connection: During World War II, the Allied forces had a base at Reyðarfjörður. The remains of the base are visible, ranging from old barracks to small gun shelters. The Icelandic Wartime Museum does an excellent job explaining the period; it’s an interesting museum in a country that has never been at war.

The town has outdoor activities that appeal to locals and visitors. A walk to the waterfall in Búðará is recommended, as is the walk towards the town centre, along the 'Love Lane'. Fishing at the local pond (called Andapollur) is a relaxing pastime, and a hike to the sheltered area beneath the shrub-covered slopes of Grænafell peak is a must. An easy, marked hiking path leads onto the mountain from Fagradalur valley, and there is also a hiking path along the beautiful Geithúsaá river ravine. Large boulders in the shrubbery could be mistaken for elf dwellings but are in fact deposits left by avalanches and landslides from the mountain.



Walk: Grænafell has served as the prime location for local outdoor activities for years. At the mountaintop there’s a lake, and a spectacular gorge carves the landscape beside the peak.

Taste: treats from the town’s popular bakery, or drop by Tærgesen for a meal inside a charming old building that served as a set location in Fortitude.

Road-trip: heading south and with a little extra time, you can opt for the longer scenic route (Route 955) instead of the convenient Route 1 tunnel towards Fáskrúðsfjörður.




GPS Points N65° 2' 2.642" W14° 12' 30.484"
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Heiðarvegur 2
Bed & Breakfast
  • Heiðarvegur 2
  • 730 Reyðarfjörður
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Sesam Brauðhús
  • Hafnargötu 1
  • 730 Reyðarfjörður
Olis - Service Station - Quiznos
Gas station
  • Búðareyri 33
  • 730 Reyðarfjörður
  • 474-1147, 840-1785
Other attractions
Reyðarfjörður golf course

Fjarðabyggð Golf Club's course is called Kollur and is located on a hillside in the town of Reyðarfjörður. The course has 9 holes, is par 70, and has beautiful surroundings. The course is considered easy to navigate, but it is new and is still being built.


Between Reyðarfjörður and Eskifjörður you can visit the Nature reserve Hólmanes. This is an ideal place to enjoy a good walk either down to the sea or up the hills. Birds and remarkable rock formations can be enjoyed in Hólmanes. With luck, you could stumble upon a herd of reindeers.

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The Vattarnes fjord peninsular is a fabulous Coastline in the Eastfjords of Iceland.

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Búðará river

Búðará flows right through the settlement in Reyðarfjörður. In the center of Reyðarfjörður town, you will find the beginning of a beautiful hiking trail that runs along the river through the forested riverbank of Búðará. When you come to the War Museum, you can choose whether to walk along with a wooded lookout point along the ridge east of the War Museum or up to Búðarárfoss waterfall.


The haven of Mt. Grænafell by Reyðarfjörður has served as the prime location for local outdoor activities for a number of years. At the top of the mountain, a beautiful lake awaits the visitor and a spectacular gorge carves the landscape beside the fell. A paradise of fine bushes at the foot of the mount completes the icing on the cake. The tiny forest is adorned by planted trees, brooklets and extensive rocks fragments from the cliff, reminiscent of dwellings from the land of fairy tales. The area has been made easily accessible by marked hiking trails.

On Fatmap here below can you find more info about the hiking trail up to Grænafell.


Towns & Villages

Each town in Austurland has its own characteristics. In some of the coastal villages t, the influence of North European neighbors obvious to everyone. 

The French made a strong impact in Fáskrúðsfjörður where the road signs are made out in French as well as in Icelandic. Norwegian influence is easily detected in the Eskifjörður and Seydisfjörður architecture. No such roots are to be seen in Egilsstadir which is the latest addition to East Iceland agglomeration, founded in the late forties of the 20th century.  

Map Vopnafjörður Borgarfjörður Eystri Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður Mjóifjörður Neskaupstaður Breiðdalsvík Eskifjörður Reyðarfjörður Fáskrúðsfjörður Stöðvarfjörður Djúpivogur