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Húsey Youth Hostel & Riding Tours

Ever wanted to see a seal, have a close encounter with a red-throated diver, get attacked by the great Skua - if so - A horseback riding tour at Husey is just the thing for you. Daily departures at 10 and 17 - don't forget to book!
Húsey is 55 km. north of Egilsstaðir and located between two glacial rivers, Jökulsá á Dal (Brú) and LagarfIjót and offers a splendid view of the surrounding mountains and endless opportunities for exploring untouched nature, birds, reindeer, and seals.

This makes the Youth Hostel at Húsey an ideal choice, be it for your vacation or just for a few days. The Youth Hostel, located in the so-called "Old Farm House" has been renovated and offers accommodation with a choice for visitors bringing their own sleeping bags, hire of linen or made up beds. There is a recreation room for guests and shared kitchen facilities. Húsey is open 8 months of the year.

Price list (bed linen included):

Accommodation Prices 2019 (in ISK)
Dormitory I5300
Single room 7000
Double room 11100
Triple room 15900
Quadruple room 21200
Sextuple room (room for six)


Discount for choldren 4-12 years -1500 pr night
Children 1-4 years Free (unless they use a separate bed, then ISK 1500 discount)

(For example: If a couple with a 2 year old child books a tripple room, they pay the price of a triple room, minus ISK 1500).

Motorhome, not using any facilities


Motorhome, using WC and shower

800 pr person
Motorhome, also using kitchen 2000 pr person
Breakfast (order in advance) 2000
Seal watching on a hores, 2 hrs 9000
Horse riding tour along Jökla and Lagarfljót, 4 hrs 19365
Galtastaðir, horse riding tour for 2 days, 3 nights. 54280
Week on a horse

87100 - 107500 (depending on season)

Húsey Youth Hostel & Riding Tours


GPS Points N65° 37' 57.416" W14° 16' 34.244"
Accommodation 7 Rooms / 23 Beds / 23 Sleeping bags
Opening period 01/04 - 01/11
Service Picnik area Horse riding Place of interest Walking path Bird watching Hostelling International Iceland Tire service Sleeping bag acc. Garage Hotel / guesthouse Petrole station Seal colony Swimming pool Cooking facilities Golf course Grocery store Bakery Bank Church Boat tours Airport Health service Veterinarian Credit cards accepted Car ferry Breakfast only

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Ekra Travel service
Farm Holidays
  • Ekra
  • 701 Egilsstaðir
  • 471-3054, 868-0957
20.83 km
Innra Hvannagil

The gorge Innra-Hvannagil is located in Njarðvík near Borgarfjörður Eystri and is accessible from a parking by the road. After about 100 meters you find yourself at the mouth of this marvelous rhyolite canyon, where numerous dark basalt dikes crisscross the bright slopes.

History and Culture
14.37 km

Kjarvalshvammur. A peaceful little haven, located at road 94 beside the Selfljót river south of Ketilsstaðir farm on the way out Héraðsflói. Here still stands a small cabin and a boathouse both of which belonged to Iceland´s master painter Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1889 -1972) .When this master painter had spent two summers here a tent, just before 1950, the farmer at Ketilsstaðir presented him the piece of land in question and built the cabin which still stands. This was the only real estate Kjarval ever owned. He often stayed here for extended periods, producing some of his most famous paintings. The boathouse still shelters Kjarval´s little dinghy on which he descended the river out to sea, sailing as far as the village of Borgarfjörður Eystri in 1957.

History and Culture
11.01 km

Unaós ("The Estuary of Uni" is a beautiful inlet on the east coast of Héraðflói bay. It is named after the settler Uni Garðarsson but according to the Book of Settlements (12th.century) he docked in the estuary. Uni was the son of one of the three discoverers of Iceland, Gardar Svavarsson. He was sent to Iceland by King Haraldur Fairhair of Norway in order to convince the Icelanders to become his subjects. His mission was however unfruitful. Uni docked his ship at a cliff in Selfljót river called Knörr. In the estuary of the river there´s a promonitory called Krosshöfði by which was the principal harbour of the region, Óshöfn, until a passable road to the village Borgarfjörður eystri came about in the late 1940ties. The harbour was a primitive one since total calm and favourable currents were neede in order to bring the merchandises ashore. The area presents several points of interest and several walking trails are to be found there.

11.03 km

The historical trading point of Krosshöfði, by Stapavík inlet, lies in a magnificent setting. The trail to the inlet starts above the farmstead of Unaós, leading to the river Selfljót, continuing along its banks to the mouth at Krosshöfði., The trail continues still to the cliffs of Stapavík. In the early 20th century, this trading point was important for the broad valley of Fljótsdalshérað, and goods were brought ashore in the inlet until the late1940s when a road was built over the mountain range to Borgarfjörður Eystri which offers excellent harbor facilities.

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18.18 km

One of East Iceland's most illustrious spots is the Stórurð ("The Giant Boulders"), located to the east of the road leading to Borgarfjörður Eystri. Stórurð lies below the small glacier west of Dyrfjöll mountains. It consists of gigantic tuff boulders, charming meadows, and attractive ponds. This wonderful scene can be reached in 2.5 hours on foot from Vatnsskarð pass. To enjoy Dyrfjöll and Stórurð a whole day plan is highly recommended.

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History and Culture
20.47 km
Galtastaðir Fram

The old farm of Galtastaðir Fram is a well-preserved farmhouse from the 19th century. Inhabited until 1967 the building exemplifies the sort of housing common in Iceland in previous centuries, heated to some extent by keeping cows under the communal living room or "baðstofa", which was also used for sleeping and handcraft.

Both the interior and exterior of this small but remarkable showcase of former living conditions can be visited by the consent of the proprietor . Galtastaðir Fram has ranked on the preservation list of the National Museum since 1976.

0.42 km

Walk on to the plains out of the Húsey farm, out by Héraðsflói bay. One can choose between two distances to hike a 6 km or a 14 km hike. There are a lot of birds and seals in the area. Walk from the sign which is located inside the gate by Húsey farm, towards the river Jökulsá. Then walk along the banks until you get to the cylinder with the visitors' log and stamp. It is close to the sea, ca. 3 km from the farm. Then walk on towards the farmhouse along the trail and the circle is closed.

Part of Hiking Treasures in Egilsstaðir Region

GPS : N65°38.775-W14°14.670

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History and Culture
15.06 km

Kirkjubær in Hróarstunga was a presbitery until 1956, a site of distinction and local intellectuals. The church dates from 1851 and is well preserved. It has a pulprit dating from the 16. th. century and the baptismal font is beautifully carved by master carver and sculptor Ríkharður Jónsson (ref. Langabúð, Djúpivogur). The altarpiece dates from the year 1894.

History and Culture
20.77 km
Njardvikurskridur and Naddi

Until the year 1949, when a passable road came about, all traffic through the scree between Njarðvík and Borgarfjörður eystri was either on foot or on horseback. Once upon a time, an awe-inspiring monster called Naddi occupied a den beneath the scree, harassing, attacking and killing the innocent wayfarers. Naddi was endowed with a human torso whereas he was shaped in the form of an animal below the waist. Finally, a valiant farmer from Borgarfjörður managed to overcome the ominous monster and force him into the sea. Thereupon a cross was erected at the site of the ferocious duel and eversince this religious token has been present in the scree. The present cross bears the following inscription in Latin: "Whoever goes by should bend down and honour this sign of Christ.
In the year 1306."
Travellers often bent their knees before the cross, praying for a safe journey.


18.19 km

The magnificent mountain range Dyrfjoll near the fjord Borgarfjordur Eystri is 1136 meters high and only experienced hikers should do this hike. It is possible to contact a local professional hiking guide to hike with up the mountain.

Dyrfjoll mountain is an old volcano and is famous for the huge gap in the middle of the mountain. The view from the top is extraordinary and won't let anyone down!

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History and Culture
22.34 km

The pretty little turf church Geirastaðakirkja, is situated on the grounds of farm of Litli Bakki. The construction is recent hypothetical remake of a church that had been built in the neighbourhood a thousand years ago, the ruins of which were unerathed during excavation.


Towns & Villages

Each town in Austurland has its own characteristics. In some of the coastal villages t, the influence of North European neighbors obvious to everyone. 

The French made a strong impact in Fáskrúðsfjörður where the road signs are made out in French as well as in Icelandic. Norwegian influence is easily detected in the Eskifjörður and Seydisfjörður architecture. No such roots are to be seen in Egilsstadir which is the latest addition to East Iceland agglomeration, founded in the late forties of the 20th century.  

Map Vopnafjörður Borgarfjörður Eystri Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður Mjóifjörður Neskaupstaður Breiðdalsvík Eskifjörður Reyðarfjörður Fáskrúðsfjörður Stöðvarfjörður Djúpivogur