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15. June - 15. September

The five mountains in Fjarðabyggð

There are guestbooks and stamps on five mountains in Fjarðabyggð. You need to buy a book so you can stamp in the book. When you have all the marks you get a price from Ferðafélag Fjarðamanna and a picture of you on their website.
The book costs 500 ISK, and you can get it in Reyðarfjörður in Veiðiflugan and Íslandspóstur. In Neskaupstaður, can you get it in Fjarðasport and Nesbæ. In Egilsstaðir, can you get it in the Information Center.

This is a game only for experienced hikers.

Mountains are:
1 Kistufell, 1239 m GPS: N 65° 03,661' W 14° 24,906'
2 Goðaborg, 1132 m GPS: N 65° 09,532' W 13° 55,611'
3 Svartafjall, 1021 m GPS: N 65° 04,655' W 13° 55,285'
4 Hólmatindur, 985 m GPS: N 65° 03,623' W 14° 03,614'
5 Hádegisfjall, 809 m GPS: N 65° 00,476' W 14° 14,062'

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GPS points
N65° 1' 53.402" W14° 14' 30.673"


Towns & Villages

Each town in Austurland has its own characteristics. In some of the coastal villages t, the influence of North European neighbors obvious to everyone. 

The French made a strong impact in Fáskrúðsfjörður where the road signs are made out in French as well as in Icelandic. Norwegian influence is easily detected in the Eskifjörður and Seydisfjörður architecture. No such roots are to be seen in Egilsstadir which is the latest addition to East Iceland agglomeration, founded in the late forties of the 20th century.  

Map Vopnafjörður Borgarfjörður Eystri Egilsstaðir Seyðisfjörður Mjóifjörður Neskaupstaður Breiðdalsvík Eskifjörður Reyðarfjörður Fáskrúðsfjörður Stöðvarfjörður Djúpivogur