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The coastline of Austurland is both spectacular and diverse. It features both black and white sandy beaches, beaches with pebbles or rocks, and cliffs rising from the ocean. The beaches in Austurland can easily be a source of recreation, especially for families with children when a trip to the beach can turn into a true adventure.

Walk from the sign by the road no 917 towards Ker (before crossing the mountain road Hellisheiði) (N65°42.52- W14°24.41), and from there to Landsendahorn cliff. There one can enjoy a magnificent view of Móvíkur. Above them are 200–300 meters high cliffs and hanging rocky slopes called Móvíkurflug. The rock consists mostly of rhyolite of many colors but mostly yellowish, light brown or greenish grey. The cylinder with the visitors’ log and a stamp is on the banks above Ker. Part of Hiking Treasures in Egilsstaðir Region GPS : N65° 43.352-W14°23.300 Powered by Wikiloc
Sandvík in Vopnafjörður
Sandvík is a long, black sandy beach at the innermost part of the fjord. This is a family paradise created by nature. Visitors may find seashells, take a walk, watch the birds, build a sand castle - or follow their own imagination. Along this coast a supply ship ran aground on 2nd October 1981. All the crew were rescued. At low tide one can still see a glimpse of the wreckage. Access to Sandvík is by a track down to the bay from near the golf course.  Visitors are reminded to be careful along the beach. The river Hofsá may overrun its banks in the spring, and as a result quicksand can form along the beach.
Skjólfjörur black sand beach
Be sure to visit Skjólfjörur beach when driving through Vopnafjörður! The beach is only a short walk from the road and offers a magnificent view of the open Atlantic sea. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale. The beach has a rocky shore with colorful stones that capture the eye. Driftwood brought to land by the waves is a testament to the incredible force the sea possesses. Please respect the fact that it is forbidden to remove stones from the beach.  One characteristic of Vopnafjörður is the incredible rock pillars and cliffs that take on various forms, often resembling different creatures. Ljósastapi rock pillar stands out in the sea just off Skjólfjörur. It is often called Fíllinn or the Elephant by locals, as its form resembles an elephant. To the right of Ljósastapi, the mountain Búrið stands out from the mountain range. Búrið is a part of the Fagradalur mountains, an ancient volcanic area. In the Fagradalur mountains, you can see colorful rhyolite rocks that certainly make their mark on the surrounding environment. A marked walking path takes you down to Múlahöfn harbour and to Þerribjörg cliffs, east of Hellisheiði eystri, where the rhyoli te is at its most beautiful.
Meleyri is a charming shoreline near Breiðdalsvík. This is an outdoor area, a colorful birdlife arena and popular among locals and tourists alike. The locals use this area a lot, especially during winter because snow des not stick to the sand. 
Black Sand Beach in Djúpivogur
Just outside the airport in Djúpivogur are the Black Sands. It is a natural pearl complete with unique birdlife. The area offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the whole family and does especially well with bird enthusiasts.