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Can I camp anywhere?

There are various things to keep in mind if you are planning to camp or spend the night outside organized campsites. In November 2015, new conservation legislation came into effect making changes to where it is permissible to camp. For instance, it is now illegal to spend the night in tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper vans, or similar outside organized campsites or urban areas unless the landowner or rightsholder has given their permission.

The Environment Agency of Iceland has listed up what to do and not to do when it comes to camping. Visit their website for further information.

Can I camp in the wintertime?

The most important factor when considering winter camping is the weather. Although most people are aware of the cold climate in Iceland during wintertime - the sudden change in weather and temperature is not common knowledge. The Icelandic weather is very unpredictable and can change in a matter of minutes. The weather also varies between regions and is more often than not much colder in the northern part of the country.

Therefore, it is recommended that travelers who intend to camp in Iceland during the winter months are well prepared. Bring warm clothing, blankets, and a warm high-quality sleeping bag. 

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