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Local ingredients and diverse food traditions are highly regarded in Austurland. In the past few years, more farmers have started selling their own products directly from their farm. At the same time, more restaurants and cafés serve dishes with locally grown produce.

Fjóshornið is located at the Egilsstaðir farm, where the same family has engaged in farming for nearly 130 years. Skyr, yogurt and cheese is produced all year round, made out of cows' milk, but Fjóshornið café is only open in the summertime. You can also buy beef directly from the farm. At the café, you can sit down in a cozy environment, enjoy homemade pastries and drink good coffee.  Unfortunately, Fjóshornið café won't be open during the summer of 2022. If you are interested in one of our products please contact us via Facebook, e-mail or phone.
Geislar Gautavík - Open farm
The farm Geislar Gautavík has a variety of activities.  Geislar Gautavík - Open farm is a 20-25 minutes drive from Djúpivogur to the north Open every day 11-16. Groups can come outside of that time if agreed in advance. Entrance fee (does not apply to the store) Included: Approx. an hour-long guided tour of the breeding grounds, the breeding center and the animals. After that, people are free to enjoy everything else on offer. Adults: ISK 1,500 Children 6-17 years: 750 ISK. • Shop with your own handicrafts and a selection of snacks, e.g. from small scale food producers  • Industrial hemp and aquaponics: Indoor and outdoor cultivation and training centers. Guidance. • Zoo: Horses (not for riding), piglets, sheep and lambs, laying hens, ducks, trout and dogs. Guidance. • Golf: Homemade 7 hole, par 3, golf course. • Outdoor toys. • Homemade indoor sports area in the barn for children. • Ancient trading post: A walk to the antiquities. • River, beach and cove to enjoy and play in.
Móðir jörð
The Móðir Jörð products originate from the organic farm of Vallanes, in East Iceland.  Móðir Jörð is recognised for organic Icelandic products made from ingredients which have been grown under natural conditions in the pure and unpolluted climate of Iceland. The restaurant is open from 11 - 19:00 every day during the high season, 20th of June to the 20th of August. Opening outside of the summer months is from 11 - 16:00 every day.

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Icelandic craft Eik Miðhús 701 Egilsstaðir 471-1320
Blöndubakki Blöndubakki 701 Egilsstaðir 895-8929