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Hallormsstaður is a village situated in the middle of Iceland's oldest national forest. The forest is a popular recreational area featuring camping sites, marked hiking and biking trails, an arboretum, and a frisbee golf course. Hallormsstaður also hosts a large hotel with two restaurants and a spa. In the summer, an ice-cream shop with groceries operates by the gas station. Great accommodations, restaurants, and activities can be found in the surrounding area. You will find all the information you need on this website, along with links to social media.


Hallormsstaður National Forest
Arboretum in Hallormsstaðar Forest
Lagarfljót and Lögurinn
Lagarfljót Wyrm monster

Things to do

360° Virtual Tour of Hallormsstaður
Take a virtual tour around the Hallormsstaður area with a 360° view, read up on certain destinations, and explore the range of activities and services offered in the area.

Historic and Cultural sites

Lagarfljót Wyrm monster
Skriðuklaustur, Centre of culture & history
Wilderness center
Snæfellsstofa Visitor Centre, Skriðuklaustur
Arboretum in Hallormsstaðar Forest
Hrafnkels saga trail

Local Produce

Móðir jörð
The Móðir Jörð products originate from the organic farm of Vallanes, in East Iceland.  Móðir Jörð is recognised for organic Icelandic products made from ingredients which have been grown under natural…
Hengifoss Food Truck
The food truck is located accross the bridge from the paking lot to the waterfall. You can walk over in 2 minutes or end your hike to Hengifoss with a visit on your way back to the parking lot. We off…
Skriðuklaustur, Centre of culture & history
Skriðuklaustur is the former home of the famous author Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975). Since 2000 it has been open as a centre of culture & history with various activities and exhibitions. It houses a …
Klausturkaffi Café
Klausturkaffi is located in the cultural centre at Skriðuklaustur in Fljotsdalur valley, 39 km from Egilsstaðir. The restaurant offers lunch and cake buffet every day when it is open along with the sm…
Snæfellsstofa Visitor Centre, Skriðuklaustur
Snæfellsstofa is the information center for the eastern territory of Vatnajökull National Park. It is situated at Skriðuklaustur in an environmentally friendly building. The house itself is the first …

Other (1)

Icelandic craft Eik Miðhús 701 Egilsstaðir 471-1320

Food and Accommodation

Restaurants and Cafés

Practical informations

It is important to keep a few things in mind when travelling in Iceland. It is necessary to keep up with the weather forecast, even during summer, and road conditions. You must get familiar with the Icelandic Króna (currency) and pack appropriately for the season you are visiting, you can expect all kinds of weather all year round. And there is no need to buy water because the tap water is great!

How to get here
There are several different ways one can take to reach the destination of Austurland. Whether it's by plane, car or even on foot we are sure it will be a journey to remember! 
Icelandic króna and creditcard use
Icelandic Water
Icelandic Weather
Road Conditions in Iceland
What to Pack for the Seasons
The weather in Iceland is unpredictable all year around so you must always be prepared for swift changes (sometimes often within a day). Remember to monitor the weather forecast and road conditions closely. Do you need ideas for packing? The trick is layering! Here’s a list of items you should bring regardless of the time of year you’re travelling.