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About Breiðdalsvík
Tiny Breiðdalsvík is a relatively young fishing village with some surprises and plenty of small-town hospitality. It lies on the coast with great seascapes and black sand beaches, making fishing and boat tours popular from its old harbor. Some of the loveliest scenery lies inland from the town, in the spectacular valley of Breiðdalur. This is the longest and widest of the valleys in East Iceland, and it’s surrounded by majestic mountains rising to over 1000 meters on both sides. The impressive Breiðdalsá river, well known for salmon fishing, winds its way scenically across the valley basin to the sea. Breiðdalur makes a wonderful place for exploration and activity, from hiking to horse-riding. There are waterfalls and small forests to discover, and colorful rhyolite peaks to admire. Local guides can help you explore hard-to-reach places and let you in on local secrets.


Aldamótaskógur at Tinna

Things to do

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Fell Horse Rental Fell 760 Breiðdalsvík 8974318
Breiðdalshreppur Sport Center Selnesi 25 760 Breiðdalsvík 470-5575

Historic and Cultural sites

Breiðdalur central volcano is an ancient volanic area above Breiðdalur valley and Berufjörður. It was the object of extensive research carried out by the English geologist George D.L. Walker who made …
Heydalir (Eydalir)
There has been a vicarage at Heydalir since early Christianity in Iceland and several renowned vicars have served there through the ages. Among them was the vicar and hymn poet Einar Sigurðsson (17th …
Höskuldsstaðir is a farmstead of distinction, located in the south branch of valley Breiðdalur, close to highway no. one. A post office up to 1947 and a relay for the postmen on their way across Beruf…
A lighthouse was first built at Streitishvarf in 1922 and it operated until 1958, when it was removed due to the building of a new lighthouse in Breiðdalsvík. The Streitisviti lighthouse operating tod…

Food and accommodation

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Skarð Skarð 760 Breiðdalsvík 475-6798
Háaleiti Cottages Skarð 760 Breiðdalsvík 475-6798

Practical information

It is important to keep a few things in mind when travelling in Iceland. It is necessary to keep up with the weather forecast, even during summer, and road conditions. You must get familiar with the Icelandic Króna (currency) and pack appropriately for the season you are visiting, you can expect all kinds of weather all year round. And there is no need to buy water because the tap water is great!

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