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Nearly every community in Austurland has its own town festival, where local heritage or culture is celebrated. Most of them are thrown during the summer when the nigths are bright and chances of sun are at its highest! Families and friends (and friends of friends) come together and enjoy each others company and all the activites on offer. Family-friendly fun!


In Vopnafjörður the town festival Vopnaskak is held yearly on the first weekend of July. The festival focuses on diverse family-friendly activities and events where everyone should find something suitable to see and do.
A 10-day family festival with a variety of events each day. Among the exhibitions, concerts and other gatherings, the celebration starts with a carnival for all inhabitants. Visitors are warmly welcome there as well as at other events. The festival not only blends culture, art, traditional cooking, sports and other activities, but reaches out even to far-off areas of the community. A major part of Ormsteiti is the Fljótsdalur Valley Day, which also features a number of events suitable for people at any age.
French Days
French Days in Fáskrúðsfjörður is a family friendly town festival with a French twist. 
The Great Forest Day
The Great Forest Day is a yearly festival held in Hallormsstaðaskógur in June. The day usually starts off with a Forest Marathon and a shorter family-friendly run. Other activities include Icelandic Championship in Woodcutting, a BBQ party, and other family-friendly and fun events throughout the day and night.
This Neskaupstaður town festival is held annually on the holiday weekend (verslunarmannahelgin) which includes the first Monday in August. The wide array of events actually start on has, and provide lots of fun for people of all ages and neighborhoods every member of the family.
Útsæðið is a town festival held yearly in Eskifjörður. The locals celebrate the town's anniversary around the 18th of August by throwing it a birthday party of sorts.