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Búðin - Village store Borgarfirði eystri
Búðin in Borgarfjörður eystri is a small and friendly village shop owned by the local people of Borgarfjörður. The policy is to have a good selection of necessities for locals as well as tourists who make their way to this beautiful village in East Iceland. As well as being a shop, it also hosts a tourist information center where tourists can gather information on places of interest, hiking trails and other useful information for their trip.  
Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop
The Hús Handanna Shop is to find at the most trafficked crossroads in Eastern Iceland and in the heart of Egilsstadir town.The shop was established in 2010 and from the first day the main focus has been on representing Icelandic / East-Icelandic goods founded on our culture and our lifestyle.The Hús Handanna Shop is environmentally friendly and an artistic life-style-shop, offering a wide variety of Icelandic product design, art crafts, clothing design, art creative writing etc.Our special emphasis is on offering goods that benefit our environment and ourselves. We even have some gourmet specialities from the local community.At Hús Handanna Shop among other items, you will find shampoo in a travel kit, waxed napkins for the sandwiches, warm stockings - or even a good book. And of course your own personal souvenir from your travel.  You are always Welcome!  
Móðir jörð
The Móðir Jörð products originate from the organic farm of Vallanes, in East Iceland.  Móðir Jörð is recognised for organic Icelandic products made from ingredients which have been grown under natural conditions in the pure and unpolluted climate of Iceland. The restaurant is open from 11 - 19:00 every day during the high season, 20th of June to the 20th of August. Opening outside of the summer months is from 11 - 16:00 every day.
Luxury by Sabina

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