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Winter in Austurland is magical, but travel during this time always requires more planning and a degree of flexibility. You should pack appropriate clothing, check if your preferred attractions will be open (some close during the winter period), and always check the weather and road conditions before setting out. Weather details are online at, and has extensive information about local roads and safe driving.

Austurland under a layer of snow is unforgettable, and you can make it easier to access by packing the right gear – including sturdy waterproof footwear, hiking poles, and crampons if you plan to do some exploring. Be aware that daylight hours are quite limited in the winter months: around the winter solstice (December 21), there is less than 4 hours of daylight. This means more chance of observing aurora fill the dark skies, but it also means your window of opportunity for hikes and outdoor adventure is shorter.

Be aware that Rte 917 over Hellisheiði is closed in winter. However, the main access roads to the towns are open year-round: Rte 85 from Hwy 1 (the Ring Road) to Vopnafjörður, and Rte 94 from Egilsstaðir to Borgarfjörður eystri. Take your time while driving the mountains passes, valleys and fjord shores, and if the weather is agreeable stop to enjoy the nature – it all looks pretty as a picture with a dusting of snow, but be on the lookout for icy patches on paths and roads. Find warmth in the geothermally heated Selárdalslaug swimming pool or enjoy a hot tub with a view at the spa in Borgarfjörður eystri.

Your dining options may be limited – some of the area’s restaurants close during the winter, but you’ll find supermarkets and a dining option or two in the towns. It’s worth stocking up on snacks for the car!

If you finish traveling the On the Edge route at Borgarfjörður eystri, head back to Egilsstaðir and the Ring Road to select your next travel route – more Austurland fjords, perhaps, or inland explorations of lakes and highlands? Check out our other travel routes to assess your options.

You may not have time to see everything we include on this travel route. We recommend you plan your trip using the 'Add to favorites' tool on our page. By bookmarking your favorite attractions and experiences in this way, you can tailor a route through Austurland that's perfect for you!

For great information on the areas covered, check out the Borgarfjörður eystri website and Visit Vopnafjörður.







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Selárlaug Swimming pool in Vopnafjörður
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