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Austurland Freeride Festival

The Austurland Freeride Festival is a new backcountry ski and splitboard event in Austurland, the eastern region of Iceland. Occurring this year from 28 February through 1 March, this festival will allow you to enjoy beautiful Austurland scenery, while assisted by experienced local guides.

A variety of cultural events such as concerts will be offered simultaneously, and visitors will have chances to try out local cuisine.

 Two-day main event (for experienced skiers only): 

•     Two mountain passes: Skiers start this day by one fjord, cross two mountain passes at altitudes of over 800 metres, and finish the day in another fjord.

•     The summit: Having used their equipment to reach a backcountry peak 1,000 metres above sea level, participants then ski down.

 Beginner course for backcountry skinning and splitboarding:

•     Avalanche course covering alpine hazards and responses.

•     Introduction to skinning and splitboarding.

•     Final day:  Skiers take the Oddskarð lift, then skin farther up with experienced guides before skiing down.