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Áfangastaðurinn Austurland

Community destination development

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Áfangastaðurinn Austurland is an initiative for developing the destination of Austurland; East Iceland. The municipalities in the region have agreed on establishing a destination platform.

The focus for the initiative is to strengthen the attractiveness and competiveness of the destination, and to create a framework for long term, sustainable and profitable growth for the tourism industry. The focus is also on regional development, and on the well-being of communities and residents.

The initiative intends to establish a community movement and a framework for destination development. Everyone are invited to get involved. Methods being used aims for co-creation, dialogue and communication throughout the whole process.

Áfangastaðurinn Austurland is initiated by FAUST - Ferðamálasamtök Austurlands, and run by Austurbrú.

If you have further questions please contact any of the Project Managers:

María Hjálmarsdóttir,, tel: 470 3826 / 848 2218

Daniel Byström,, tel: 0046 739 133895



The tourism industry is an emerging, and very promising sector for Iceland. In a time when the international travelling increases, Iceland attracts a growing number of visitors from other countries. Over the last years the export value of tourism has increased enormously, which has intensified the focus on refining and developing connected products, places and services.

Besides the traditional strong attractions of Iceland, more visitors also start to find their paths to other parts of the country. Many travelers are looking for enriching and authentic experiences, and they find them on the countryside. Small destinations can offer something different.

Áfangastaðurinn Austurland is an initiative that connects all the municipalities of east Iceland. Many small destinations united become stronger together. Austurland can offer so many authentic and enriching experiences, with an amazing diverse nature, a rich cultural heritage, creativity, service, food, people and more.

Áfangastaðurinn Austurland aims to strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of the common destination, focusing on well-being of communities and residents. It is also important to preserve the uniqueness of the places in the area. Áfangastaðurinn Austurland is more than a project. By implementing a system for collaboration and sharing, the region of Austurland intends to establish a community movement and a framework for a continuous creative mindset and development.

It has been stated that Austurland will be a top class destination and an outstanding work and living area. The destination of Austurland must attract visitors, but also residents, companies and investments. The framework shall secure a long term, sustainable and profitable growth for the tourism industry and regional development.

The tools and methods that are being used are based in Destination Design. This implies an attitude, and a mindset, that cares deeply about the heritage of the place, and meets the existing and future needs of the destination with a sustainable approach.

The municipalities of Austurland have agreed on cross border collaboration in order to develop a common destination platform. This platform will be an asset for each community, for everyone that are connected to the tourism industry, and to the regional development in general.

The cross border collaboration is essential for the initiative, as well as intersectoral co-creation. Many have much to gain. Áfangastaðurinn Austurland can help the region to be a well-functioning destination that works as a municipal and regional storefront that attracts visitors, residents, companies and investments.

The Destination Design process brings shared understanding and creates shared visions. Stakeholders and inhabitants are invited to take part in the process. The work is being done step by step, and is founded in the communities of Austurland.

Áfangastaðurinn Austurland started with a pre-study in August 2014 that was finished and presented during the spring 2015. This was an important step to gather the stakeholders, and to establish a consensus between the municipalities involved. The work within the current step includes the building up of a Design Strategy for the destination.