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Hallormur bike trail in Hallormsstaðaskógur
A simple mountain bike path in Hallormsstaður forest. The start of the path is at Hotel Hallormsstaður and it is a circle around the lower part of the forest. The bike path is 10 km long and the elevation is under 200 meters.
Mountain biking in Hallormsstaður
A fun and diverse mountain bike trach, length about 5 km long. The track starts at Hallormsstaðaskóli and it takes you up to Bjargselsbotnar where the downhill track startsm which is about 2 km. As the decent is finished the path leads back into the forest and to the school. Path description  Powered by Wikiloc
Ranaskógur - Mountain biking
A new mountain biking track through the ancient birchforest, Ranaskógur. The track starts at the entrance of Víðivallaskógur foreset, following the electrical masts that lead up the mountain. The main head of the trail then starts from there leading down the mountain. For more information about the trail please visit the Hel-Fjallahjólaleiðir í Fljótsdal Facebook site.
Norðurdalur - Mountain biking
The start of the trail is at the Ufsárlón reservoir, east of the bridge over the Jökulsá í Fljótsdal glacial river. Please close the gate after you. The trail leads down the valley along the glacial river along the fence and stops at Glúmstaðarsel. From there you can cross the river with the cable car or keep on going with the road leading out the valley to you final destination. The trail is set at a medium difficulty. there are short wetlands areas, but they are not very difficult to pass. The path itself is not dangerous, but we ask people to take extra care close to the cliffs. More information about the mountain biking trail in Norðurdalur can be found here.