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Rain, dear?

The reindeer made its grand entrance in Iceland from 1771 - 1787 from Norway. Herds were scattered all over Iceland but were deemed extinct in all regions apart from East Iceland shortly after. It is thought that the harsh winter weather and the lack of pasture had made the other regions uninhabitable for the reindeers. However, the nature and environment in the easternmost part of Iceland seemed to be a prime location for the reindeers to thrive.

When and where to see reindeers

Austurland is the prime location for travelers wanting to see reindeers, as it is the only region of the country where they reside. During the summertime, reindeers keep mostly to themselves in the highlands. However, as snow builds up in the mountains and temperatures drop, the reindeers tend to move closer to shore. It is, therefore, not an unusual sight to see herds of reindeers close to the Ringroad when driving around the region during colder months. Check out our traveling guide for each month and plan your reindeer spotting trip now!

Rangifer Tarandus (Reindeer)

Reindeers or Rangifer tarandus are naturally strong animals with thick fur to withstand the colder climate in their habitat. In addition, it's the only known type of deer where both the female and male animals grow horns. It is, however, rather easy to distinguish one from another as the females are usually around half the size of a male reindeer.