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Golf enthusiasts have many options in choosing among excellent golf courses throughout the island.


Neskaupstaður Golf Course
Grænanesvöllur is a golf course at the Norðfjörður Golf Club. The course has nine holes, par 70, and was built in 1965. It is considered an extremely fun course and it doesn't hurt that it is in a beautiful fjord. Drive off the field after a game for a detour to Miðbær farm.
Eskifjörður Golf Course
There has been a golf course in Eskifjörður since 1979 called Byggðarholtsvöllur. It has nine holes and is located south of Eskifjarðará river, within the settlement. The environment is diverse and golfers agree that it is extremely fun.
Reyðarfjörður Golf Course
Fjarðabyggð Golf Club's course is called Kollur and is located on a hillside in the town of Reyðarfjörður. The course has 9 holes, is par 70, and has beautiful surroundings. The course is considered easy to navigate, but it is new and is still being built.
Seyðisfjörður Golf Course
The golf course in Seyðisfjörður is called Hagavöllur, a 9-hole golf course just inside the town. Found on the right side of the road on Fjarðarheiði, on the way to Egilsstaðir. A cozy golf pavilion that gives a warm welcome to guests. Hagavöllur is renowned for its wide trails, unique tranquility, and its proximity to the mountain range.
Fellabær Golf Course
You can happily play golf on the course in Fljótsdalshérað. There is a cozy 9-hole course run by Fljótsdalshérað golf club. The course is called Ekkjufellsvöllur and is par 70 in addition to boasting a par-5 course, six par-4 courses, and two par-3 courses.
Vopnafjörður Golf Course
The Vopnafjörður golf course, Skálavöllur, has 9 holes which due to the course layout have a special place among the golf courses in Iceland. On a hillside, in some places lying at a slant, the course can be a challenge for players, and in spite of its small size there is no lack of variety. Beautiful surroundings and views, with the magnificent Krossavíkur Mountain across the fjord, add to the pleasure of the game.

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All of Austurlands golf courses in one place.
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