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Eistnaflug Metal Festival

Musical Melting Pot

Eistnaflug is a metal festival in Neskaupstaður which takes place every year on the second weekend of July. What started out as a small, one-day festival in 2005 has grown to a four-day festival sporting diverse music genres featuring over 60 bands. Musically, Eistnaflug is a remarkable melting pot, with a few selected, prime foreign acts stacking up against a massive selection of all the great things the Icelandic music scene has to offer each year.


  • Neskaupstaður
  • The second weekend of July
  • Website



No Idiots Allowed!

The motto of the festival is; "Bannað að vera fáviti" which politely translates to "Being an idiot is forbidden" which has gained a lot of attention and is well-known to all festival-goers. If you happen to encounter an idiot during the festival, you are advised to contact a team member and they'll handle the situation. The event holders try their best to promote a friendly atmosphere, where people are encouraged to take care of themselves, each other and leave the town as they find it. The people of Neskaupstaður are proud of the festival and to this day there have never been any issues between festival guests and the locals.
Why not try something different for a change? See you in Neskaupstaður!