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15.-24. June

Exhibition hall Gletta í Hafnarhúsinu, Borgarfirði eystri.
May 22nd – 24th.
Admission free.

Andrými is the second exhibition in 'uns' series of exhibitions in Borgarfjörður Eystri. There, the artists Anna Hallin, Inga Þórey Jóhannsdóttir, Kristín Reynisdóttir, and Olga Bergmann show their work in the exhibition space Gletta. The opening will be on Saturday May 22nd 2021 at 14.00.

The artists have created new works with the Gletta exhibition space in mind. The exhibition will feature sculptures, drawings, and photographs. Hafnarhúsið's architectural style has beautiful layers where shapes, light, and materials form a comprehensive structure. The artists approach the exhibition space by its form and adaptation to the space of Hafnarhúsið.

Andrými opens a flow between the subjective space and the tangible. Beyond the subject. Inga Þórey Jóhannsdóttir's work is based on ideas about the home and the materials that are important to take with you when moving to a new place. Aerial photographs by Anna Hallin are a series of ink drawings that draw inspiration from aerial photographs of aircraft structures and the various connections between them. Olga Bergmann Paradox's work deals with the paradox inherent in artificial nature and examines our perception and understanding of nature and how that experience is cut and pasted. Kristín Reynisdóttir's work Endurvarp is a combination of 7 circular shapes that form a column. The circle, the endless line, forms a space where the material reflects the environment to the viewer.

Superstructure is a series of three exhibitions that ´uns is organizing in Gletta's exhibition space in Borgarfjörður Eystri 2021. The exhibitions all have a specific basic theme in their content that is related to the building itself.

Myndlistarsjóður sponsors the project.

GPS points

N65° 32' 26.765" W13° 45' 12.480"