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Arnbjörg Kristín: Molda

30. May - 13. June

Molda by Arnbjörg Kristín
Tankurinn, Djúpavogi
Open daily.

The Molda installation invites visitors to the underground world and reflects on their inner dialogue with their roots, wherever they may lie.

The installation is accompanied by a poem by Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir, the sound installation of contrabass by Alexöndra Kjeld and gong by Arnbjörg Kristín, which they spun together in connection with the work, the root system, and the earth.

The art is made from natural materials and applied to what is found in nature without disturbing anything.

The artist's name is Arnbjörg Kristín (1979) and she lives in Akureyri. She works as a yoga teacher and gong teacher and deals with art creation and studies at the University of Akureyri this semester.

GPS points

N64° 39' 34.718" W14° 16' 51.922"