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Ayurveda with Heiða Björk

February 28 at 09:00-12:30

Price description

Location: Hallormsstaðarskóli
Date: 28. February 2023
Timing: 09:00 - 12:30
Course fee: ISK 12.500
Specialist: Heiða Björk Ayurveda specialist

Included in the fee
Lecture by Heiða and lunch, coffee and tea available during the workshop.
The workshop will be taught in english

Learn about your body with the methods of the ancient Indian life science of Ayurveda.

On Wednesday, February 28, ayurvedic expert Heiða Björk will discuss the basic concepts of the ayurvedic life sciences and the seven body and mind types. We are all born with a certain body and mind type that follows us throughout our lives. It is like our DNA, it does not change throughout life. In the course, we will learn how we can determine what our body and mind types are; learn how to keep ourselves balanced and mostly disease-free, and how illness develops according to the ayurvedic sciences. The participants are taught to interpret the language of the body; how the body lets us know what's wrong.

The course starts at 9:00 and ends at 12:30. After the course, lunch will be served in the spirit of Ayurveda.

Digestion and metabolism-supporting tea popular in Ayurveda will be served. Points about the main points covered will be sent to the participants by email before the course begins.

Heiða Björk published a book about the Ayurvedic life sciences last October: Ayurveda. The art of maintaining balance in an unstable world. A guide to the Indian life sciences. Participants are invited to purchase a copy at a discounted price.

Heiða Björk studied Ayurvedic life sciences at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy and graduated as an Ayurveda Practitioner after three years of study. She also has three years of study in nutritional therapy and a master's degree in environmental management. She is very interested in the effect of the environment on health and uses various elements from nutritional therapy when she holds courses on the ayurvedic life sciences, to better connect the ancient Indian science with the reality of Westerners.


You can read more about Heiða Björk and the ayurvedic life sciences on the Ástar og friðar website,

For more information, call 471 1761 or write to

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