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Blue Church:Trio Akureyri and Þórður Sigurðarson

July 3 at 20:00

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Trio Akureyri and Þórður Sigurðarson will perform at the first concert of the Blue Church's Summer Concert Series on Wednesday, July 3.

They will perform a combination of folk songs from around the world, i.a. from: Mexico, Finland, Belgium and the Faroe Islands, but the name of the concert is „Landablanda“ (an Icelandic wordplay: „Land“ means country and „Landi“ is, well, the Icelandic version of „moonshine“! „Blanda“ then means „to mix something together“. So, „landablanda“ can refer to alcohol and cultures! )

The name of the concert is a bit ambiguous, but in addition to briefly discussing each song, the name of each country's main schnapps will be introduced! The folk songs will also be connected by a theme that runs like a common thread throughout the program. The audience thus gets an interesting picture of music that grows from the soil of different cultures and at the same time reflects the diversity of humanity - and the beauty in diversity.
Akureyri's trio consists of singer Erla Dóra Vogler, Jón Þorstein Reynisson (accordionist) and Valmar Väljaots violin (accordion, organ, piano and more) and Þórður Sigurðarson (organ, piano and accordion) will join them in Seyðisfjörður. These musicians have been working together for years and all of them are known for first class musical performance.

The house opens at 20:00 and the concert starts at 20:30. Admission fee is 4.000 kr. 3000 for the elderly and people with disabilities. 16 years and younger: No charge.

GPS points

N65° 15' 40.664" W14° 0' 37.984"