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Date with the artist / Charma - wool from Fljótsdalur

May21 - 22

Charma, ull úr Fljótsdal is a project by Emma Charlotta Ärmänen. The project is research to find fun and new ways to use wool as a raw material for the handcrafted accessory brand, Charma, as well as a learning opportunity and preservation of traditional woolwork methods.

The origin of Emma's interest in woolworking started last year at the Creative Sustainability program at Hallormsstaðaskóli. The project has been partially funded by a grant from Samfélagssjóður fljótsdals.

At the exhibition at Skriðuklaustur, Emma will showcase some of the work she has done with the wool from local farmers. She will be at the spot on Saturday and Sunday 21.-22.5 from 1-4 pm ready to show her work and chat to guests about the work and the project.