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Flug&Fákar 2024

July 28 at 12:00
It's incredible to think that this summer marks two years since the aviation festival Flug&Fákar was last held at Egilsstaðir Airport. The 2022 festival exceeded all our expectations. The weather gods were on our side, a multitude of aircraft arrived, around 1400 guests flocked to the airport, and machines either showcased their capabilities or displayed their artistry. The US Navy sent a P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to us, which, of course, stole the show, along with an Icelandair plane landing, allowing people to admire it through the eyes of a passenger instead of a traveller's usual perspective. Children and adults alike enjoyed exploring vintage cars, 4x4 jeeps, fire trucks, snow plowing equipment, old tractors, and people engaged in conversations between cars and airplanes.
In short; it was an incredible day for which we are endlessly grateful to have shared with you.
Fear not, for we intend to uphold our promises and host Flug&Fákar every other year, so mark your calendars for the thrilling Sunday, July 28th, 2024. Machines of all kinds will be on display, and there may even be some innovations this year, as we've already started peeking into every garage in town, seeing what people are tinkering with, which promises more excitement to come.
There are few places in the country with such a vibrant aviation culture, and here in East Iceland, it was evident how incredibly many attended the 2022 festival, making it the biggest local event of the year, despite it being a first-time endeavour.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

GPS points

N65° 16' 51.013" W14° 23' 56.243"