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11. June

ISOLATION by Lakehouse theatre company
June 11th at 15:15 and 18:45, Egilsstaðir Airport
Admission free

We are living in an age of constant communication via digital platforms, but at the same time, loneliness and sadness mark the lives of far too many. Are we truly sharing our joys and sorrows?
At the heart of theatre lies the act of coming together; here, the power of the stage arts is used to ponder the concept of isolation. What is it that isolates us, what from and why?
Isolation is a mosaic stage work which consists of poets, flash fiction and short plays. Eleven authors from around the country contributed to a 30 minute work, unusually performed in airports in four regions of Iceland, by actor and musician Guðmundur Ingi Þorvaldsson.
The theatre company Lakehouse has earned well-deserved recognition for its productions Reunion and Constallations. Seeking to create an opportunity for a diverse range of voices, the company put out an open call for material from writers all over the country. With Isolation, Lakehouse hope to pay tribute to the Icelandic singer/songwriter, the storyteller, the shaman who lights up village life with their emotional stories, parodies, satire and wit.
Let us come together in our isolation.

The performances will take place at the following dates and airports:

10 June: Reykjavík Airport at 5 PM.
11 June: Egilsstaðir Airport at 3:15 PM and 6:45 PM.
12 June: Akureyri Airport at 1 PM and 5 PM.
13 June: Ísafjörður Airport at 10:20 AM and 6 PM.

You don't need to reserve a ticket and are welcome to a show of your choice!

Actor: Guðmundur Ingi Þorvaldsson
Director: Árni Kristjánsson
Editor: Sigríður Lára Sigurjónsdóttir
Producer: Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir

Isolation is a collective work by the following authors:
Anna Sigríður Ólafsdóttir, Ísafjörður
Ásgeir Hvítaskáld, Egilsstaðir
Ásta Hafberg, Hörgársveit
Bára Örk Melsted, Hólmavík
Halla Mía Ólafsdóttir, Ísafjörður
Hallgrímur Hróðmarsson, Hveragerði
Harpa Rún Kristjánsdóttir, Hólar
Kristín Rut Kristjánsdóttir, Landsveit
Stefanía Hallbjörnsdóttir, Akureyri
Sylgja Dögg Sigurjónsdóttir, Húsavík
Vala Hauksdóttir, Eyjafjöll

GPS points

N65° 16' 28.657" W14° 24' 23.434"