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Kiosk 108

June 7 - 8

Price description

ISK 2000-3000

KIOSK 108 — Captain’s Bridge / Stýrishús — NO PANIC ehf. is an independent art project in Seyðisfjörður, dedicated to fostering cultural growth through a unique blend of art, music and performance. Set in the transformed captain’s cabin of a 1969 fishing boat, KIOSK 108 is more than a venue; it’s a cultural oasis presenting public art, site-specific interventions and happenings.

Featuring a great lineup of acts curated by captain Monika Fryčová for this Reykjavík Arts Festival collaboration, KIOSK 108 offers a magical experience full of surprises. The programme showcases exclusive performances in a vibrant fusion of avant-garde, psychedelic, rock’n’roll, folk, jazz, punk and metal, creating a diverse and passionate celebration of the underground scene. Monika Frycova’s play, “Captain – navigating BRIDGE”, creatively explores the ship’s wheelhouse as a symbol of diverse artistic expression. Kiosk 108 will be running as an art piece throughout the summer. For further info check out and kiosk108iceland on Instagram.

Let’s surf – don’t miss the wave with KIOSK 108!

GPS points

N65° 15' 44.868" W14° 0' 2.285"