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Nanna - How to Start a Garden in Egilsbúð

November 11 at 21:00

Price description

Ticket Price: 6,500 kr per person

It is going to be a real big occasion in Egilsbúd and the whole of East Iceland for the matter of fact when the musician Nanna, who has made a name for herself with the band Of Monsters and Men, arrives with her band in Neskaupstaður, just before going on tour in Europe with her supporting band.

Nanna followed untrodden paths this spring when she released her first solo album. Her album, How to Start a Garden, was released in May to great praise. How to Start a Garden was then followed by a concert tour in the United States where she performed with a select group of musicians supporting her. On November 11, she will visit Egilsbúð and play songs from the album, and who knows if the audience will also get to hear new material.

As mentioned earlier, Nanna performs with her excellent band, which consists of:

Bjarni Þór Jensson: Guitar/vocals
Magnus Trygvason Eliassen: Drums/percussion
Rakel Sigurðardóttir: vocals/violin
Tómas Jónsson: Keyboard

It will be our great honor to welcome Nanna and her band to Egilsbúð. How to Start a Garden is a sensational start to Nanna's new solo project, and concertgoers can expect a unique experience with this charming musician.

👉 Ticket sales start at Tix on Thursday, September 7. Ticket price is ISK 6500.

The concert is the final touch to the excellent Tónaflug of the year. Tónaflug in Neskaupstað is a joint project of SÚN, Hildibrand and Menningarstofa Fjarðabyggðar (Fjarðabyggð’s Cultural Center).

GPS points

N65° 8' 51.621" W13° 41' 20.108"


Egilsbúð, Egilsbraut 1, Neskaupstaður