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Skessur that eats men

17. June - 31. August

The summer exhibition of the Museum of East Iceland, Skessur that eats men.

The exhibition is the result of research by ethnographer Dagrún Óskar Jónsdóttir, who has studied cannibalism in Icelandic folklore.
In the exhibition, Dagrún works with how cannibalism appears in folktales and what it can tell us about the society to which the stories belong. In her research, she weaves together legends and modern ideas about feminism, thus shedding light on new aspects of both legends and gender inequality.

"Legends in a way reflect the world of ideas and the worldview of those who collect and write them. Giant castles rule the realms of the giant world and in stories of cannibalism, it is almost always giant castes that eat human men. It was mainly men who collected, wrote and published folklore material and "Scholars have wondered whether this manifestation of women who eat men can in any way reflect the fear of men losing their power over women," says Dagrún.

Dagrún expresses her results on posters that are beautifully illustrated with watercolor paintings by Sunneva Guðrún Þórðardóttir.

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