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Viknaslodir hike

July27 - 30

Víknaslóðir með Ferðafélagi Fljótsdalshéraðs
July 27 – 30
Departure at 10:00, from Fjarðarborg, Borgarfirði eystri
Difficulty: Hard

Guide: Þórdís Kristvinsdóttir. Minimum 10 people.

Víknaslóðir is a walking area that betrays no one. There are beautiful fjords, coves, and magnificent mountain views everywhere you look. On this trip, hikers get to see the main things the area offers, but it is recommended to come back and visit various sites that will inevitably be left behind.

Day 1: At 10:00, drive from the community center Fjarðarborg to the walk's starting point. Walk from Borgarfjörður to Breiðuvík through Brúnavík. Overnight one night in the cabin of the travel company in Breiðuvík.

Day 2: Walk from Breiðuvík to Húsavík. Here you either go through Víknaheiði to Húsavík, or if the weather is good, you go into Litluvíkurdalur, walk in the roots of Leirfjall and from there over Herjólfsvíkurvarp to Húsavík. One night spent in the cabin of the travel company in Húsavík.

Day 3: Walk from Húsavík, up Nesháls and from there down to Loðmundarfjörður. Various routes available, the choice of tour guide depends on the weather and visibility—the night spent in the cabin of the travel company at Klyppstaður.

Day 4: Walk from Loðmundarfjörður and up to Fitjar. From there you go through Kækjuskörð and Kækjudalur to Borgarfjörður.

Price: 59.500/56.500 ISK

Included: Lodge accommodation, baggage, and tour guide

GPS points

N65° 31' 23.543" W13° 48' 41.923"