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DRIVE FROM Egilsstaðir to Reyðarfjörður.

Stop at the Wartime Museum to learn about the relations of soldiers and locals during World War II. Opt whether to drive to Fáskrúðsfjörður through the tunnel or on the old, partly gravel road by the coast Enjoy a meal at L’abri Restaurant in Fáskrúðsfjörður village, as well as the museum devoted to French fishermen and their heritage. Continuing on Road 1, visit Petra’s Stone collection in Stöðvarfjörður and then try out 4WD tour with Tinna Adventure and/or a delicious meal at Café Hamar in Breiðdalsvík.

DRIVE ON route 1 towards Djúpivogur.

Make a stop at the beautiful beach of Meleyri south of Breiðdalsvík. Drive further to Djúpivogur and have some homemade cakes at Langabúð Museum. Walk around town and get to know Djúpivogur – the only Cittaslow town in Iceland. Don’t forget to experience the eggs in Gleðivík.


On route 1 towards Egilsstaðir over mountain road Öxi, make a stop along the way, and enjoy the view. Try horseback riding at Stóra Sandfell in Skriðdalur. Drive to Egilsstaðir and have lunch at Nielsen Restaurant. Enjoy a swim in the afternoon at the geothermal pool in Egilsstaðir or go to Vök Baths followed by a dinner at Glóð restaurant.


Places to Visit


Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop
East Iceland Heritage Museum
Vök Baths
Egilsstaðir Swimming pool
Tinna Adventure
Cultural Center - Langabúð
Arctic Fun
Djúpivogur Swimming pool

Other (3)

Reyðarfjörður District Information Office Heiðarvegur 37 730 Reyðarfjörður 470-9000
Fell Horse Rental Fell 760 Breiðdalsvík 8974318
Nanna´s Memorial Museum Berufjörður 1 765 Djúpivogur 478-8977


Other (6)

Bókakaffi Hlöðum - By Lagarfljót Bridge Hlaðir 700 Egilsstaðir 471-2255
N1 - Service Station Egilsstaðir Kaupvangur 4 700 Egilsstaðir 440-1450
Olis - Service Station Búðareyri 33 730 Reyðarfjörður 474-1147
Guesthouse Tærgesen Búðargata 4 730 Reyðarfjörður 4705555
Café Sumarlína Búðavegur 59 750 Fáskrúðsfjörður 4751575
SAXA Guesthouse and Café Fjarðarbraut 41 755 Stöðvarfjörður 5113055


Egilsstaðir Campsite
Gistihúsið - Lake Hotel Egilsstaðir
Hótel Valaskjálf
Icelandair Hotel Herad
Lyngás Guesthouse - Egilsstaðir
Reyðarfjörður HI Hostel - Hjá Marlín
Hotel Bláfell
Hotel Staðarborg
Hotel Framtíð
Djúpivogur Campsite
Bragdavellir Cottages

Other (4)

Guesthouse Ormurinn Ullartangi 6 / Skipalækur 3a 700 Egilsstaðir 471-2004
Lagarfell Studios Lagarfell 3 700 Egilsstaðir 8934322
Guesthouse Tærgesen Búðargata 4 730 Reyðarfjörður 4705555
SAXA Guesthouse and Café Fjarðarbraut 41 755 Stöðvarfjörður 5113055