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START YOUR DAY in Egilsstaðir and drive towards Seyðisfjörður. Where you start climbing the slopes onto Fjarðarheiði pass, you can stop and walk up to Fardagafoss waterfall. You can even get behind - it is said that every wish made behind Fardagafoss comes true. After your hike, continue to Seyðisfjörður for a stroll around the old town, with its rainbow street and the Blue Church, as well as the Skaftfell Centre for Visual Art. Your dinner might be at Norð Austur Sushi or the Restaurant of Hotel Aldan.


DRIVE THROUGH the village in Reyðarfjörður, stop at least for the fabulous view from the scenic point above Hólmanes peninsula. You might even picnic or take a short hike there. Next, the geothermal swimming pool at Eskifjörður offers its superb mountain scenes. You could pack up a lunch at the supermarket, then drive to the former Iceland spar mine at Helgustaðir. End the day with dinner alongside the fishing relics at Randúlfs Seahouse.


DRIVE TO Neskaupstaður. Visit Skorrahestar farm for either a guided hike or horseback ride. The old baiting shack Beituskúrinn would then be perfect for lunch and a view over the bay. Enjoy a relaxing walk around town before having dinner at Hildibrand Hotel.



Places to Visit


Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop
East Iceland Heritage Museum
Skaftfell Center for Visual Art
Seyðisfjörður Incoming Information Office
Neskaupstaður Swimming Pool
Mjóeyri Travel Service
Eskifjörður Swimming pool
Tanni Travel

Other (4)

Austursigling Fjörður 4 710 Seyðisfjörður 899-2409
Reyðarfjörður District Information Office Heiðarvegur 37 730 Reyðarfjörður 470-9000
Kaj Kayak Club Kirkjufjara 740 Neskaupstaður 863-9939
Norðfjörður District Information Office Sundlaugin á Neskaupsstað - Miðstræti 15 740 Neskaupstaður 477-1243


Other (4)

Bókakaffi Hlöðum - By Lagarfljót Bridge Hlaðir 700 Egilsstaðir 471-2255
Olis - Service Station Búðareyri 33 730 Reyðarfjörður 474-1147
Olís - Service station Hafnarbraut 19 740 Neskaupstaður 477-1500
Hotel Capitano Hafnarbraut 50 740 Neskaupstaður 477-1800


Egilsstaðir Campsite
Gistihúsið - Lake Hotel Egilsstaðir
Hótel Valaskjálf
Icelandair Hotel Herad
Hotel Aldan
Hildibrand Hotel
Reyðarfjörður HI Hostel - Hjá Marlín
Mjóeyri Travel Service

Other (5)

Greystone summerhouse Grásteinn 700 Egilsstaðir 859-0852
Lónsleira apartments Lónsleira 710 Seyðisfjörður 849-3381
Við Lónið Norðurgata 8 710 Seyðisfjörður 899-9429
Guesthouse Tærgesen Búðargata 4 730 Reyðarfjörður 4705555
Hotel Capitano Hafnarbraut 50 740 Neskaupstaður 477-1800