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START BRIGHT AND EARLY visit Vallanes Organic Farm for breakfast. Then drive through Iceland’s biggest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur, where you can, e.g., go for a walk through the Arboretum – a living tree museum – or enjoy the lake views at Atlavík.

When you have experienced the forest, taken pictures, and enjoyed the views, we recommend a visit to the Wilderness Center for lunch and the extraordinary museum. There you can even cross the glacial river in a cable trolley. Continuing to Laugarfell, you can relax in the naturally warm pool with its view of Snæfell as well as enjoy some homemade cake at the Laugarfell Hostel. Farther into the highlands, you reach Kárahnjúkar Dam and can look down into Hafrahvammagljúfur - the deepest canyon in Iceland.

If you have the time, we recommend a hike to Hengifoss waterfall on your way back to Egilsstaðir. The hike is quite steep, but the trail is good and well worth it.




Places to Visit


Hús Handanna Icelandic Art & Design Shop
Egilsstaðir Swimming pool
Snæfellsstofa Visitor Centre, Skriðuklaustur
Skriðuklaustur, Centre of culture & history
Wilderness center
Turf Houses by Hjarðarhagi
Vök Baths


Other (3)

Bókakaffi Hlöðum - By Lagarfljót Bridge Hlaðir 700 Egilsstaðir 471-2255
N1 - Service Station Egilsstaðir Kaupvangur 4 700 Egilsstaðir 440-1450
Olis - Service Station Búðareyri 33 730 Reyðarfjörður 474-1147


Hótel Valaskjálf
Icelandair Hotel Herad
Gistihúsið - Lake Hotel Egilsstadir
Egilsstaðir Campsite
Lyngás Guesthouse - Egilsstaðir
Hotel 1001 nott
Wilderness center
Á Hreindýraslóðum